Facebook Professional Services: Tips for Lawyers

Facebook is testing a feature that would give its users the ability to search for professional service firms based on location and Facebook connections. Lawyers should take notice. Called “Facebook Professional Services,” many in the industry are speculating that Facebook wants to compete with Google and Yelp for local service industry search business. For now, […]


Should law firms have Facebook pages for each office location?

The answer is almost always no if the locations are all in the same metro area. Here’s why. Sometimes good marketing trumps local SEO If you’re interested in SEO best practices for your law firm, you’ve probably heard of citations. Citations are mentions of a business on websites that rate local businesses. Yelp is a […]

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The lawyers’ guide to ranking in local search results

When lawyers talk about “SEO,” they’re usually referring to ranking for local Google searches. Although ranking for these searches isn’t always the best way to make the phones ring, that’s where we see the most focus in the legal community. What constitutes a local search? In the “Los Angeles personal injury lawyer” search below, the […]

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