Does a rating of 10 on Avvo have SEO benefit?

Updated December 21st, 2015 About a month ago, Google released an unabridged version of its search quality rater guidelines. The document is a treasure trove of SEO information. For those of you who may not know what I’m talking about, Google uses data from human raters when it evaluates the quality of search results. They […]


Should law firms have Facebook pages for each office location?

The answer is almost always no if the locations are all in the same metro area. Here’s why. Sometimes good marketing trumps local SEO If you’re interested in SEO best practices for your law firm, you’ve probably heard of citations. Citations are mentions of a business on websites that rate local businesses. Yelp is a […]

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Google Quality Ratings Reveal Law Firms Held to a Higher Standard Online

In a surprising move to many in the online marketing community, Google released the full version of its Search Quality Rater Guidelines for public consumption last month, and there are some important points for law firms to consider. What are the search quality rater guidelines? Just as our agency wants to deliver the best possible results […]

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