How to get a Legal Ad Approved on Facebook

Facebook advertising has grown to become an expected pursuit in the digital marketing world; its ability to pinpoint a specific audience that’ll resonate with your service is tricky to compete with, and when honed in well, it can pay off tenfold. With great reward comes great responsibility though; Facebook has dozens of intricate rules laced into […]


JSO Academy: Landing Pages 101

[Estimated read time: 7 minutes] Welcome, friends, to the JSO Academy, a new series that will be receiving periodic chronicles (or classes) aimed at translating all of that marketing mumbo-jumbo your friendly neighborhood marketer throws your way into easy to understand terms and concepts. Tuition comes at the very low price of zero dollars, and attendance […]

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The Anatomy of a $30 Personal Injury Lead

Updated November 6th, 2016 When’s the last time you took part in an anatomy class? If you’re not content with whatever answer you just gave yourself, strap in friends, because at the end of this post you’ll be able to change that date to today! This anatomy lesson has nothing to do with organs and bones, […]

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