Paperless bankruptcy law: how we digitized a client’s intake form using WordPress

Let’s face it, especially since the bankruptcy laws changed in 2005, bankruptcy lawyers are no stranger to paperwork. While necessary to complete the job, these piles of paper can make life miserable not only for the person filling them out, but the crew responsible for organizing and maintaining the information too. We made a bankruptcy […]

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How I prepared my startup’s website for Shark Tank

I run JSO Digital, a boutique digital agency dedicated to kicking ass for a small roster of long term clients, and love what I do. But, as a serial entrepreneur, JSO is not my only project. I’m always looking for ways to apply what we do for our clients to projects of my own. One […]

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Lawyers: if you don’t own your website, at least own your domain

Estimated read time – 3 minutes  Not owning their business URL. This is one of the biggest SEO mistakes law firms make. It’s also one of the easiest fixes. If you take anything away from this article, it should be this: have access to your GoDaddy or Network Solutions account, and buy all your domain […]

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