Facebook for lawyers

Yes, Facebook can work for law firms

It’s no secret that Facebook, when used correctly, can be a great channel for customer acquisition. The key being: when used correctly. With all the noise out there, it’s not enough just having an account with intermittent posts. You have to find creative ways to stand out from the pack and we’ve got a few tips to help you do just that.

Be Relevant and Provide Valuable Content

As a lawyer you’re an advocate for your clients—whether it’s in family law, civil litigation, bankruptcy, or any other focus. When a potential client is looking for representation, they’re looking to find the most qualified lawyer who will fight for them and get them the best result. What you post on Facebook is one way to convince them that you’re that person. Think of Facebook as a forum for creatively demonstrating your expertise.

The content you post should provide value and actionable advice. It should also position you and your firm as trusted experts in that topic. For example, Ohio law firm Dyer, Garofalo, Mann & Schultz shares their blog posts on their Facebook page. These posts cover everything from whether or not you can sue a restaurant for food poisoning to the most important laws protecting the elderly in Ohio.

What’s important here is that these are popular topics and the posts themselves are easy-to-understand and informative.

Get Them to Click on Your Facebook Posts

With millions of posts going up each day and hundreds, if not thousands, appearing on your followers’ news feeds, you need a way to stand out. The first way is through paid advertising and boosting your content on Facebook. The days of expensive advertising are over. For as little as $5 a day you can exponentially expand your reach and ensure your ads and posts get seen. Boosting a Facebook post gives your firm the opportunity to “throw darts” at a targeted audience by selecting the geographic area, age, and even the interests of your audience.

However, that’s not enough. Paid social media marketing only works if what you’re promoting is attention stopping. And there’s a few ways to create content that will get them to stop and click.

Write Irresistible Facebook Ads & Facebook Posts

With a limit of 25 characters for your headline and 90 characters of text, writing the perfect Facebook Ad can seem like a daunting task. On top of the character count limits, Facebook has strict regulations on what you can say in an ad. Most important for our industry, you can’t imply anything about the person reading the post—you can’t suggest that they may be injured, in debt, have a DWI, or any other characteristic. For example, let’s say you’re a personal injury lawyer and you craft an ad or post that implies the person reading it may have been injured—with a headline like, “Were you in an accident?”—Facebook will not approve that ad.

What’s always worked for us is making the headline and text as relatable as possible. In a recent ad campaign designed for a personal injury client, the headline read, “Accidents Happen” and the text said, “Serious injuries happen in the blink of an eye. We can help explain your rights & options.” Because of the relatable nature of the copy, we saw high engagement, including post shares—while perhaps the person viewing the ad wasn’t in need of legal services, they felt good enough about the message to share it with their friends.

Select Creative Images for Your Facebook Ads & Facebook Posts

The message itself is absolutely crucial to securing a click, but in order to get people to stop to read your post or ad you’re going to need killer creative. Nowadays, traditional stock photos just don’t cut it—we’ve become immune to pictures of men in suits and smiling families.

Think about the message you’re trying to get across. You need an interesting, fun way to highlight this message with a piece of creative. We’re huge fans of vector art. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an illustration is worth just one, and it usually ends with !!!. For example, we leveraged the following illustration for an ad we designed around applying for social security disability benefits:

Facebook for lawyers


So you might be thinking, “how do I go about creating these types of illustrations?” The first way is by hiring a graphic designer. Alternatively, you could use stock photos sites like iStock, ShutterStock, and VectorStock. We often peruse these sites for inspiration before we even write copy for an ad.

Don’t be Afraid to Test Your Facebook Posts

How many times in your life have you been utterly amused by something that your coworker, partner or friend didn’t find funny at all? Probably enough times to know that not every post is going to work for every person. The key to learning which Facebook posts gets the most engagement from your audience is by testing.

Different things you can test include:

  1. Content topics
  2. Day of the week and time of day of the post
  3. Headlines
  4. Text
  5. Creative
  6. Post mentions
  7. Audience targeting for boosted content and Facebook ads

After about a month or so take a look at your Page Insights to see what worked. Look at posts that received the most engagement and dissect them. Then try and apply those learnings to future posts.

Remember, the keys to acquiring customers through Facebook are to stay relevant, provide value, and be creative. Don’t necessarily have the time to manage your social media accounts or design paid social media campaigns? JSO Digital can help. Give us a call or drop us a note, we’ll be happy to discuss how we can turn your Facebook account into a profitable revenue stream.